How to take a conservative administration to another level

It’s official: Ivanka Trump, the first daugher of the United States, is getting a West Wing office and access to classified information, as The Associated Press informed last week. Altough she doesn’t hold a tittle in Trump administration, Ivanka has attended to different presidential meetings and has acted as a president’s advisor, just like her husband Jared Kushner. “I will continue to offer my father my candid advice and counsel, as I have for my entire life”, she said to the website Politico. Continue reading “How to take a conservative administration to another level”


La moda del poder

Me apasiona la política internacional casi tanto como la moda. Reconozco que soy aficionado a ver los estilos de las mujeres que se dedican al mundo público – administrativo, pero lo cierto es que, tras largas horas reflexionando, he llegado a la conclusión de que no es más que un vil insulto y una forma de denigrar a las figuras políticas. Continue reading “La moda del poder”