Androgynous fashion, a bit unnecessary. It is a matter of choice

In the last couple of years, we have beheld a trend on the radar: androgynous fashion. Although it isn’t something new, because designers like Coco Chanel gave women the possibility of wearing pants in the 20th century, we have hung it the tag of hit. A very arrogant idea, keeping in mind that fashion is nothing but  a feedback. Continue reading “Androgynous fashion, a bit unnecessary. It is a matter of choice”


Melania Trump, a style louder than words

“Melania Trumps speech at the Republican National Convention on Monday evening [July, 18, 2016] may have had a striking similarity to some parts of Michelle Obama’s address at the 2008 Democratic convention, but in one aspect, at least, her appearance was original: her clothes”, we could read featured in an article by The New York Times last July. The journalist was trying to highlight the following issue: Continue reading “Melania Trump, a style louder than words”