I was not built to break

I kinda love these pictures. The person on them is another story. I stare at myself and I can barely recognize me. I know, that’s me! But, sometimes, I wish it wasn’t.

There are people who think I’m strong and I am, of course. We all have our own strength, even though we think the opposite.

However, there’s some pretending too. I guess that’s normal, isn’t it? We have been told not to fall apart and to smile no matter what. But I have found it quite exhausting. And, suddenly, this reminds me of a song by Whitney Houston. That one where she sings “I was not built to break”. But what if I was, actually?

At the end, I suppose you have to keep your faith and keep moving forward. Life is not only about joy and happiness, but also about pain and tears. So, we have to learn to deal with this side. Who knows? Perhaps, it can empower us after all.



Outfit: Zara.


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