How to take a conservative administration to another level

It’s official: Ivanka Trump, the first daugher of the United States, is getting a West Wing office and access to classified information, as The Associated Press informed last week. Altough she doesn’t hold a tittle in Trump administration, Ivanka has attended to different presidential meetings and has acted as a president’s advisor, just like her husband Jared Kushner. “I will continue to offer my father my candid advice and counsel, as I have for my entire life”, she said to the website Politico.

And speaking of meetings, we have seen her sitting by the side of prime minister Shinzo Abe of Japan, Justin Trudeau (Canada) or Angela Merkel (Germany). The truth is the world has beheld how Ms. Trump has been part of the international relations and, who knows, maybe of the group who has been taking decisions from the Capitol since Donald Trump got sworn last January and became the 45th president of the US.

But what truly has captivated me has been the dress code that Ivanka Trump has been following. And you’ll undertsand why right now:

Shinzo Abe and the Trumps

When in November prime minister Shinzo Abe of Japan travelled to the US after Donald Trump’s election victory, both leaders met at Trump Tower in Manhattan (NYC). According to The Independent, “Mr Abe became the first foreign head of state to meet with Mr Trump after his election, though the meeting stirred controversy because of the fact Mr Trump’s daughter Ivanka sat in on the meeting”. So yes, Ivanka Trump was there, wearing a tricolor dress as you can appreciate in the pictures below.


Credit: The New York Times.


But do white, black and navy blue mean something? You can bet they do!

In Japan, white is a colour that means pureness or something sacred. It’s also a colour that can represent good and serenity, and it’s highly praised in this Asian country because it is related with the health profession and words like nurse can be translated as angels in white.

Although black means gloom or sorrow, navy blue simbolizes fidelity, someone you can trust in.

Three colours that, as we see, say you are a person you can rely on, an important thing if we keep in mind that Japan has a strategic geographical location in front of the Asia Mainland (China, Korea and Russia).

By the way, according to the US Department of State, “the U.S.-Japan Alliance is the cornerstone of U.S. security interests in Asia and is fundamental to regional stability and prosperity (…). Japan provides bases as well as financial and material support to U.S. forward-deployed forces, which are essential for maintaining stability in the region. In January 2016 the United States and Japan signed a new five-year package of host nation support for U.S. forces in Japan. In December 2016, the United States returned a major portion of the Northern Training Area, nearly 10,000 acres, reducing the amount of land utilized by the United States on Okinawa by close to 20 percent”.

Justin Trudeau. Angela Merkel and The Trumps

The visit of Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau last February, 13, was the first time Ms. Trump appeared at a White House policy session. Both administrations met “to discuss a new task force to help boost women in business”, as Daily Mail informed.

That day she was wearing a black look. Whenever she is around the White House, Ivanka usually wears discreet outfits, very minimalistic, and she prefers neutral colours than bright ones.


Credit: Daily Mail and Ivanka’s Instagram.

Moreover, Ms. Trump has always bet for a very soft makeup and just a few jewels, wearing conservative looks, like the one she chose during the meeting with chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, where she wore a dark blue dress that had long sleeves and a turtleneck. She decorated the outfit with a giant US flag pin and a pair of starfish stud earrings from Tiffany & Co.


Credit: European Pressphoto Agency.

So, yes, one could say Ivanka Trump has taken a conservative administration to another level, mixing a classic style with some modern touches. Also, her looks are a true manifestation of professionalism and of a person who takes her job seriously. And one can reproach her whatever one wants, but not that she is not into what she has to do.




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